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Transcluent Alabaster Resin Panel

Transcluent Alabaster Resin Panel Transcluent Alabaster Resin Panel
Product name : Transcluent Alabaster Resin Panel
Item : LG316A
Details :
  Detailed Product Description
 Building material , resin panel like 3-form and lumicor,decoration material,wall panel
1.Raw material:resin 
2.Standard size:1220*2440mm 
3.Thickness:more than 4mm 
4.High rigidity 
 Description of Building material:
 1. Standard size: 1220*2440mm, thickness: more than 6mm
 2. High rigidity, acid-resistant, alkaline-resistant resisted pollution strongly.
 3. Can be made into various shapes according to customers' needs.
 4. Can be used in the surface of lamp box, the wall surface in the hotel and table-board in the bar, which are beautiful and gorgeous.
 5. High quality, reasonable price and timely delivery
  We are the most largest and professional translucent stone supplier (alabaster marble, imitative marble) , and our products are widely used in domestic and commercial decoration, including ceilings, decorational wall,partitions, column, lampsholder, kicten rooms, shopwindows etc.
 Faux alabaster translucent stone
 Material; resin+ AL(OH)3
Use :Faux alabaster can be light permeable ceiling, background, partition, bar table, indoor and outdoor light-permeable structure (not strong enough for the floor board) and so on.
Advantage; using imported high-quality resin material, higher light-through than the common products;.no easy to deform, the color is not easy to fade, (more technical data is in the catalogue).
 Product's Composition and Usage:
 the product is made up of compound materials(polyester=ATH ALH03),mixed finely and mold into shape.There are a series of product lines to suit your needs.You can even add in decorative plants into the marbles.the marblescan be used both in commercial and domestic decoration.For example:walls ceiling,column,lamps.kitchens,bathrooms,even dining table and doors.
 Specification; standard size, 1220*2440, customized size should be within 1500*3050, customized thickness range from 6mm to 20mm
 Weight; the weight of 6mm thickness faux alabaster is approximately 10.5kg/sqm, if 2mm more for the thickness, the weight will be increased by 12kg
 Process.; can be processed by cutting, drilling, edge-polishing, jointing and bending.
 Product's characteristic And development:
      translucent stone has the toughness and feeling of jade,polish of porcelain and the easy fabrication of wood.the product is designed to be joining seamlessly,so that it will be easier for cleaning and canbe manufactured in different colors and shapes and you can have the kind of marble that you want!it was tested and aprroved as non-poisonous and non-radiated,it is the best choice to replace natural marbles.And has already been used in many decoration areas.
 1.Environmental friendly without radiation Green products
 4.Healthy and without radiation
 7.Boiling water resistance.
 8.Cigarette Burn resistance
 9.Acidity Resistance
 10.Alkalinity Resistance
 11.Flexural Ability
 12.Hygroscopic Capacity


Decoration wall, door, column, ceiling, receiption desk, shop column, logo

furniture surface, lamp shield, desk top surface,background wall, all light through effect.

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