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Transcluent Alabaster Resin Panel

Transcluent Alabaster Resin Panel
Product name : Transcluent Alabaster Resin Panel
Item : C16
Details :
 Material, polyester resin withATH, casted by mold

Standard size 1220mm*2440mm  
Max size 1250mm*3500mm
Thickness 6-30mm
Customized size, thickness, shape available, Made to order size, ready to install. 
Finish; surface matt finish, glossy finish available

       Translucent paenls are casted by high molecular polyester resin, according to the veins of natural marble.It's a cost-effective solution to replace marble with authetic appearance and increaced fabrication capability. It has the advantages of natural marble,vein effect, natural and overcomes the marble's disadvantages ,in-expensive, light-in weight, easy to fabricate and install, can be bent, and seamless joined; With the light on the back, the panel shows its unique effect

       Artificial stones are becoming extremely popular worldwide. The best characteristics of an artificial stone is that it is environmental friendly, safe, and has various styles and designs to choose from.

       Luminescent Stone Slab , Faux alabaster simulates externally natural materials - greenstone, marble, and onyx. It has and excellent light transmittance, which enables to create various elements of interior components (stands, pedestals, columns, etc.). The effect is accentuated by backlight providing a pleasant environment. 

Usage: Light permeable ceiling, background, partition, bar table, indoor and outdoor light-permeable structure (not strong enough for the floor board

1. Enviromental friendly, it's tested and approved as non-radiated and non-poision. 
2. Seamless joining. We could bevel edge and then join to be seamless. 
3. Excellent chemical resistance which reduce the potential chemical harm inccured by the cleaning agent. 
4. Dirt resisitance.
5. Good Transmission of Light. A rich incandescence emanates from this warm and translucent product. Drawing the creamy colors and swirls of pure gypsum into a more flexible polyresin panel, alabaster becomes a rich material alternative for everything from light diffusers to furnishings and privacy panels 
6. Easy farbrication:  stone-cutting saw, or wooden saw can do the cutting, hand drill machine for hole-drilling,
7, with the even heat processing for curving,special glue for seamless joining
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