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PETG Acrylic Nature Panel

PETG Acrylic Nature Panel PETG Acrylic Nature Panel
Product name : PETG Acrylic Nature Panel
Item : P913
Details :
      Capiz shell, which is used for decorative purposes, is the outer shell of the marine mollusk, Placuna placenta, found in the shallow coastal waters of the Philippines. Capiz shell is a flat, semi-transparent shell with a pearlescent appearance. Capiz is often used to create lampshades or other luminescent objects because of its striking appearance when light shines through. Capiz is the perfect way to enhance a spa, bath, or any hospitallity application.
Material PETG + real shell inside  
Finish, frost finish both sides 

Only manufacture size 1220mm*2440mm, thickness 6-12mm available.


1, PETG is a clear transparent sheet made from thermoplastic copolyester. It is one of the most respected and trusted plastic sheets around. It offers extreme clarity and light transmission in combination with high gloss. 
2, Polyester PETG sheets have very good impact resistance, even at low temperatures,  
3, light textile,metals,paper,plants,leaves and other unique materials are embedded in the process of hot melting.
4,  The main feature is recycling used. With half weight of glass,tenacious texture,high plasticity, resistance to chemical corrosion,
5, Easy fabrication,it can be cut at the scene. With UV stable coating,it can be used for outdoor.
6, Outstanding thermoforming performace, Can be made into different shape
7, Using the uni form environmental friendly material meeting the regulatory requirements for foodcontact management
8, low flammable and has the feature of self-extinguishing. Even after burning, there exists no harmful substances but the relatively high translucency. 

Application, room compartment of the restaurant and the reception room, decorative wall panel, wall partition,lighting fittings, chair, table tops, column, furniture surface, lamp shield, desk top surface,background wall

      Note;  All natural decors are produced using a hand applied technique. Layout and coverage will vary slightly from sheet to sheet due to the artisan nature of the manufacturing process. Some products use natural materials that can change color over time and will vary in size, shape, color and texture within a single sheet. Colors may vary with harvest season. This variation is part of the aesthetic beauty of natural products.

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     Factory price no trade company profit added
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