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Innice River Pebble Stone Counter Top

Innice River Pebble Stone Counter Top Innice River Pebble Stone Counter Top Innice River Pebble Stone Counter Top
Product name : Innice River Pebble Stone Counter Top
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 Innice River Pebble Stone Counter Top
       River Stone Collection allows creating imitations of sea and river cliffs. The material is widely applied in furnishing bathrooms (sinks, bathtubs, showers).  Scratch-resistance enables to use this collection as a compound in floor coverings as well as desktops ad bar tops. In combination with backlight, it is used for modification of walls as a light source.  
      In the Stone Collection all fillers have a natural colour. While using panels with a coloured resin, it is necessary to avoid exposure to direct ultraviolet rays.

1.raw material:translucent resin,real stone pebbles

normal size:300*300,600*600,800*800,600*1200,900*1500,1220*2440mm
big slab size:600*1200,900*1500,1200*2400mm
maximum size:1220*2440mm(18,20,30mm thick panel)

3.surfance finish:glossy,frost  
  edge finish:bevel,bullnose,half bullnose,dupont,round,straight,cove,laminated round,laminated bevel,laminated bullnose

4.Application:     bar top,receptopn desk, light pillars,floor,table top,vanity,basin,door inserts,wall panel, bar,club,restaurant,sanitary ware,hotel,residential,retail
table top, countertop, vanity top, bathroom wall panel, coffee table, wall decorating tile, wall borders, wall partitions, door insert, reception table, reception front insert, flooring parquet decoration, translucent platform, etc.

    If using light back side of the panel, it would bring you passion and visual feast, make your friends marvel at it, make your clients impress your decoration in their brain.

5, Fabrication

Cutting:    marble cutter or portable tile cutter with water jetting
Joint:        marble glue, Resin glue
driling:     use portable drilling machine with suitable core bits
edging:     Router machine can do
polishing:    polishing machine with wool pad
Re-polish:   when scratches occured,use waterproof abrasive paper to rub away the scracthes,the polish with liquid wax
Fixing:depending on installation,alumimum frame,stainless steel frame,chrome stubs,wood frame. can be used for fixing the panel firmly.

     We supply high quality products tranlucent panel,resin panel,polyester resin,resin material,Translucent Resin Panel,Decoration Material,building material,Polyester Resin,Acrylic Sheet,PETG,River Stone,pebbles, cobble,artificial stone,solid Surface,basin,sink,Glass Mosaic,Shell Mosaic,Mosaic Tile,marble,decorative material,wall panel,wall partition,crystal panel,transparent panel,artificial stone,man-made stone,widely used both for indoor and outdoor decoration.
     Factory price no trade company profit added
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