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Translucent resin panel notice

Author : Date : 2/7/2012 2:01:49 AM
 Our product can be fabricated in any woodworking factory with standard tools and machinery

       Translucent resin product is easy- to –use material that does not require any special safety precautions during fabrication or handling, provided normal work-shop practices are followed. In general , the same standards should be applied as when working with wood and timber products- refer to safety data sheets herein

      Some factors which should be considered when working with resin products (translucent alabaster stone) are

 Inhalation of fume or dust

The chemical composition of resin panel does not present any potential health hazards to the users, any fine particles that may become airborne during sawing, drilling,etc, are non-toxic and are categorized as “nuisance dust”, standard requirements for dust collection and adequate ventilation should apply. Dust mask should be worn, as is normal in such workshop area.

       Any fumes given off during curing or machining are minimal and do not present any health hazard

When joining resin products, the quantity of glue used in the adhesive compound mixture is again minimal and any fumes that may be given off are negligible. As a normal safety precaution, the following general instructions should be followed


Keep out of the reach of children

Avoid contact with eyes or skin

In case of accidental contact, wash liberally with water and seek medical advice